Our Student Voice

Why Psychology, Why Western

Mitchell Armstrong

"It’s flexible and provides the freedom to study at my pace and spend time with my young family."

Khadijah Bah

"Psychology at Western thrives on diversity and community." 

Abhijatya Dhar

"A dynamic and inclusive learning environment that supports your development of professional skills and career opportunities."

Hussein El Arja

"Studying Psychology at Western has allowed me to maintain a great study-life balance."

Faiza Humaira

"Studying Psychology at Western has been more than an academic pursuit – it’s been a home, building a strong foundation for my future."

Katarina Khitra

"Pursuing Psychology at Western has been a huge catalyst for me to dream big and explore my interests in the field, without limiting myself."

Brian Luu

"Academics who have decades of experience and participated in various notable studies. They are all willing to help and guide you to achieve your goals in life."

Judy Nguyen

"Studying Psychology has granted me a fascinating glimpse into the intricacies of the human mind, unveiling unexpected insights about myself and those around me."

Bronte Noakes

"The most diverse psychology program in NSW." 

Aidan O'Young

"Access to state-of-the-art facilities and renowned psychology professors in the Western Sydney region has made transitioning to this university a seamless experience."

Elina Roberts-Turner

Indigenous Australian

"Continuous support and guidance, with a program that not only gives you the tools to help others but aids you in understanding yourself."

Tania Shepherd

Indigenous Australian

"It feels like I am studying in a discipline and at a place that is as familiar as my backyard and the staff are very approachable."

Stephanie Tsang

"Studying Psychology at Western has been the most challenging, rewarding and life-changing experience."

Zachary Wong

"Psychology at Western is similar to trying out a new cuisine, it's going to be full of flavour, exciting and fun experiences."