Find a Supervisor

Master of Research (MRes), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and other research degree applicants are required to discuss their proposed research project with a suitable research supervisor prior to submitting an application.

As a potential applicant, finding the right supervisors for your project is an important first step in a successful research candidature.

To find a supervisor who matches your research interests, you should try a combination of the following methods:

  • Visit the School or Institute research pages and look for researchers in your area of interest.
  • Search the Staff Profiles Directory by keyword.

If you identify a potential supervisor, you should send them an email introducing yourself, describing your previous qualifications and experience, outlining your area of interest, and providing a short explanation about why you would like to work with them on a research project.

If you are finding it difficult to identify a supervisor, you should email the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Director in a relevant School or Institute. The HDR Director may be able to direct you to a potential supervisor or research project.

Western Sydney University supervisors and current PhD candidates talk about what they think is important to consider when choosing a supervisor.

School and Research Institute HDR Directors (or equivalent)

Research Institutes

Professor Labao Wang

Associate Professor Markus Riegler

Associate Professor Denis Byrne

Associate Professor Genevieve Steiner

Dr Elizabeth Conroy


Associate Professor Dongmo Zhang

Associate Professor Maria Estela Varua

Associate Professor Dongmo Zhang

Associate Professor Chwee Beng Lee

Associate Professor Dongmo Zhang

Associate Professor Karen Liu

Professor Michael Head

Associate Professor Mourad Tayebi

Associate Professor John Cass

Professor Janice Aldrich-Wright