HSC Enrichment Day - Geography and Society & Culture

HSC Enrichment Day was held on 23rd August at out Kingswood campus. The event aims to educate students in key areas of the HSC syllabus, curriculum development and examination techniques. 

This event is specifically designed for students who are interested in pursuing further studies in the areas of Geography and Society & Culture. 

Students also had the option to sit a 60-minute exam with the unique opportunity to secure an early offer into one of our Geography or Society & Culture related degrees. 

Information regarding the next event will be released in the coming months. 

What can students expect at HSC Enrichment Day?

HSC True Reward

At Western, we recognise that you are much more than your ATAR. Our unique Early Offer Program - HSC True Reward, focuses on your HSC subject results that reflect your strongest skills and relevant to the degree you want to do. 

Secure An Early Offer

Students who sat the exam on the day could be eligible for a unconditional offer into one of six related degree programs at Western Sydney University:

  • Bachelor of Anthropology
  • Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Planning (Pathway to Master of Urban Management and Planning)
  • Bachelor of Social Science (with Anthropology, Geography and Urban Studies, Heritage, Peace and Development, or Sociology majors)
  • Students who perform well will be eligible for an offer into the Bachelor of Social Science (Advanced) program
Presenter Bios

Professor Brian Stout has a long record of teaching and research in criminal justice, youth justice, probation and social work.  He has been involved in developing and delivering training and education for criminal justice professionals in the UK and South Africa and participated in a number of European criminal justice social work projects.  His research has included child justice diversion in South Africa and sex offender public disclosure schemes in the UK.  Most recently he has been working on a number of research projects with Juvenile Justice New South Wales.

Dr Jenna Condie - Urban Places Case - Studies

Jenna is a Lecturer in Digital Research and Online Social Analysis at Western Sydney University. With psychology as a base, she traverses a range of disciplines, residing in the Anthropology and Sociology workgroup and the Urban Research Program, while teaching cyberpsychology and digital research methods across the Psychology and Social Sciences disciplines. Jenna co-leads the Travel in the Digital Age (TinDA)project, which examines the intersections of travel/transport, technology and mobile lives.

Dr Felicity Picken

Dr Felicity Picken is a lecturer in tourism and heritage within the School of Social Sciences and Psychology. She has a number of research strengths including post-industrial urban regeneration with a focus on heritage, urban design and architecture, lifestyle migration, the beach as a transformative place and the social and cultural coordinates of tourism. All of her research is underpinned by the principles of social and environmental sustainability.

Dr Sebastian Pfautsch

Dr Sebastian Pfautsch is a Senior Research Fellow at Western Sydney University. In 2007, Sebastian received his PhD (summa cum laude) in forest ecosystem science from the University of Freiburg, Germany. In his research he investigates the effects of global change and extreme climate evens on plant and ecosystem functioning. In his role as Research Theme Fellow he applies his knowledge to urban ecosystems to reveal the potential of trees to mitigate effects of global warming. Sebastian uses his research to inform government agencies, politicians, industry and the public how to ‘future-proof’ today’s management of urban green infrastructure.

Sharon McLean

Sharon has taught in a variety of boys and girls secondary schools teaching History and Geography and has been at Saint Ignatius' College for thirteen years and the Head of Geography for ten years. During her teaching career she has been the Convener of the NSW Catholic Trial Examination Committee and also a member of the Geography Teachers Council where she has also held the position of Vice-President. Sharon has received the Geography Teachers Association Brock Rowe Award for teaching and the NSW Professional Teachers Council award for services to Geography. Sharon is a graduate of Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta, in Western Sydney.

Dr Garth Lean

Garth Lean is a Lecturer in Geography and Urban Studies in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology at Western Sydney University. He researches travel, tourism and new technologies, and is the co-lead of ‘Travel in the Digital Age’ (TinDA – www.tindaproject.com), an interdisciplinary group of researchers working at the intersections of mobile lives and technology. 

Garth is the School of Social Science and Psychology’s Student Transitions, Achievement, Retentions and Success (STARS) Academic Coordinator, and a Vice President of The Geographical Society of New South Wales.

Dr John McGuire - Popular Culture

John is a lecturer in sociology. John's research background is in analysing popular culture to explore the ideologies, values and norms that are consciously and unconsciously reinforced and challenged in everyday popular culture. 

Dr Kathleen Openshaw - Belief Systems & Ideologies

Dr Kathleen Openshaw is an anthropologist. Her main research
interests are Pentecostalisms from the Global South, local lived migrant
religious expressions of globalised Pentecostalisms and material religion. 

Dr Geir Henning Presterudstuen - Social & Cultural Continuity & Change

Geir is a Social Anthropologist and early career fellow at the School of Social Sciences and Psychology. He has conducted long-term ethnographic research in Fiji since 2009, and has published several journal articles and book chapters on his main research interests which include economic anthropology, post-colonialism and processes of ethnic and gendered self-identification at the interface of notions of tradition and modernity in Pacific communities.