Education Futures Strategy

Education Futures Strategy

Western Sydney University’s Education Futures Strategy draws together and provides oversight of the University’s educational ambitions and initiatives. 

These initiatives are organised to align with the four principles of Sustaining Success: Transformation, Equity, Connectedness, and Sustainability. 

The Strategy is organised around four priorities.

  • Education Innovation: Pursue and embrace educational innovation to ensure that our learning experiences are fit for purpose and offer prospective students a high-value educational proposition.
  • Educational Quality: Deliver consistently high-quality technology-enabled learning experiences for our students and rewarding teaching experiences for our staff.
  • Educational Partnerships: Collaborate with domestic and international education providers to deliver innovative education experiences.
  • Educational Precincts: Plan the physical and digital campus network to meet the evolving educational needs of the Greater Western Sydney Community and our students wherever they are.

How to use the Education Futures Strategy

The Education Futures Strategy is intended to operate as a practical guide to the University’s education agenda. It is a Strategy for our leaders to refer to when making decisions. Schools are encouraged to use the Education Futures Strategy framework – (4) priorities, (4) measures, and (25) initiatives – to develop their annual Operational Plans. Schools can use the Strategy as a means of prioritising specific initiatives within these Operational Plans. 

Education Futures