About The College

Who we are

The College offers pathways to university through an exciting range of University Foundation Studies and Diploma/Bachelor programs. Small class sizes and individualised attention from academics provide a supportive environment for students to succeed in their tertiary studies.

We provide high-quality education and resources to our students optimised by our relationship with Western Sydney University.

This is why students from around the globe rank The College and Western Sydney University as their preferred education destinations in Australia.

What we do

We focus on preparing students for undergraduate and postgraduate study by developing their academic, learning and study skills through a range of programs. The College offers:

We put students first

We develop, design and deliver programs that support students to succeed in studying and in reaching their chosen careers.

As a result, The College sees high levels of satisfaction, retention and progression among our students. We have seen that The College students who move into the university achieve great academic results, on par with Western students that begin their studies at the uni.

The College Experience

At The College we offer:

  • A flexible learning model for all programs including a combination of face-to-face and online learning
  • Simulations, group activities and site based learning opportunities allow you to delve deeper into your fields of interest
  • Digital technologies such as virtual lectures
  • Programs are full-time but offered in a flexible delivery mode
  • Email and internet access is available on all campuses
  • Cutting-edge computer technology and state-of-the-art teaching facilities on all campuses

The College has collaborated with a number of Australian and international organisations with the aim of:

  • creating and delivering tailored programs;
  • promoting a cutting edge approach to transition teaching strategies; and
  • validating teaching and learning programs.

Our collaborative partnerships allow us to advance and promote innovation in teaching and learning, as well as to benchmark against the world’s best practice methodologies and processes.

We have close links with other universities and education institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Americas. 

This enables Western students to participate in exciting international student exchange programs- to study in another country as part of their degree in Australia. Students can participate in student exchange once they begin studies at the university.

Working closely with our community, business and industry partners both locally and internationally, we are committed to unlocking the future potential of our region and the communities we engage with.

We invest in providing new study options, pathway programs and support services to ensure that students in the Western Sydney region have access to a greater range of quality undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities.